One cannot think well, love well, sleep well,
if one has not dined well.

- Virginia Woolf


showcase your

You chose the very best ingredients for your dishes, and we chose the very best lighting set-up to make the final dish look mouth-wateringly appetizing.

The difference between a poorly lit food photo and a professionally lit one, is the difference between a meal that looks like it was made in a dirty kitchen and one that was made by a Michelin Star chef. We are excited to work with you to create that masterpiece. 

The ways to shoot a gorgeous food photo are as varied as the types of food there are in the world. You can make a dish look incredibly refined and polished, or you can make it exude the kind of casual perfection that you would see in a rustic, inspirational coffee table book.

Whatever the look you're going for, we truly recommend allowing us to work with a professional food stylist. While our focus is making sure the angles, depth, and lighting is striking, your food stylist is intimately familiar with the craft that goes into a recipe, and can beautifully style the food to look freshly plated, when in reality it has been sitting under our studio lights for half an hour. The magic of the photo is a collaboration between the chef, the stylist, and us. We love watching that magic produce a stunning visual for your guests.


" there is no love sincerer
than the love of food."

- George Bernard Shaw

the chef

a toast to

We have always been drawn to document the adventurous spirits that create the kind of dish that can inspire all of your senses. That mind of a chef is one that can pivot from executing a flawless meal plan, to reacting quickly and with precision to fix mistakes through the course of the night. That kind creative mind is one with whom we feel an artistic kinship. 

You have created a successful, adored restaurant working with people that have helped you develop a recognizable brand. But YOU are the most important element of that brand, and one that is often overlooked in your own social media presence.

It's time to be your own influencer - your brand's literal ambassador. 

You are a storyteller through the courses that you design. Let us tell your story through our photos to the guests that love you. The journey of your day is an adventure, one that starts with mise en place and ends with an exhausted, satisfied smile and glass of wine.

" a recipe has no soul. you, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe."

- Thomas Keller