We are Pavel + Jessie Stehlik, and we are inspired by you.

There is an incredible energy and beauty surrounding a photoshoot that feeds our creative souls. Each person we photograph has a story - a love, a family, an idea, or an adventure that they would like us to document. And it’s our intention to document each noteworthy event in a way that is not only gorgeous, but also meaningful.

Yours is a story that we can’t wait to tell. Click below to get to know all about our inspired photographic method.

"things are beautiful if you love them."

- Jean Anouilh 



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Pavel and Jessie were an absolute pleasure to work with! They were very accommodating with the structure of our wedding and flexible with their schedule to ensure we got the most out of the time allotted. They made the whole process fun and exciting even in the summer heat. Not only do they make a great team and are a pleasure to be around, but our photos were breathtaking! 

Each one was so perfect and we are so grateful they captured the best day of our lives so skillfully!

- shelbey bleke


"Our photography experience was my most favorite part of wedding planning and being a bride. Jessie is one of a kind. She is uplifting to be around, her energy is contagious, she calms your nerves when needed and she is extremely talented. The level of detail that Jessie captured, and surprise photos we received that I didn’t even know/realize she took, makes my heart smile to the extreme every time I look at them – which is every day! 

I am looking forward to working with Foto Bohemia for all of our special moments to come in our new married life together.

- alexis sergeant


There is no one better than Jessie and Pavel! My husband and I have used them over the past 3 years for our Save the Dates, Wedding photos, Bridesmaid luncheon, newborn photos, etc. etc. Jessie is a pure delight to be around - fun, sweet and easygoing. Loves to laugh!! Both have a wonderful eye for lighting and frame. And the best part - they love what they do. And love to capture your life moments. I would HIGHLY recommend them (and have!) to any of my friends and family.  

I can not imagine anyone else capturing my family the way they have been able to over the years. 

- tricia ketchey


“Very few companies can pull off being good at providing both exceptional service with skillfully crafted deliverables. Not only is Foto Bohemia masterful at both these things, which is what you want when you hire a memory making service, they are also simply amazing people. Personable, humble, gregarious, and genuine, they truly care about YOU, and painting your image in a blisteringly positive light with a full spectrum of “amazing-ness.”

The creativity they bring to their craft is a throw back to the Renaissance age where artisans thoughtfully articulate what they create.

- adam fritz


The New Bohemians are a community of photographers that are motivated to perfect their craft and grow their business. If you are one of our New Bohemians, then it is our pleasure to give you the tools you need to create a studio driven by balance and inspired focus.

We believe that each new generation of photographers bring an excitement, enthusiasm, and refreshed approach to photography that should be celebrated. With the proper tools and education, we can raise the bar and help both these photographers  *and*  their clients.

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