Two people, two minds, two souls,
one adventure, one story, together.

kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee, and get to know all about us.

          e are Pavel + Jessie Stehlik, a husband and wife photography team based out of Downtown Tampa. Our photography work takes us from Tampa to Orlando, Boca Grande to Naples, Miami, and beyond. 

We know that there are a million tiny things that might concern you about your session: Will you feel awkward in front of the camera? Will your pose make you look good? Will your expressions look natural...?

We bring the expertise and good energy to make sure that you not only look amazing, but you feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. 

The method behind our photographic madness is an exceedingly simple one: mutual trust, our client’s confidence in our abilities, and the freedom they feel to be themselves in front of the camera.

We are inspired by you.

Bring your personalities, and let's do this.






in depth

When Pavel was living as a photographer in Europe, he documented everything from high fashion to the Velvet Revolution – finding the beauty in it all. He is a photojournalist at heart; an observer of human nature that seeks out and anticipates the emotion-filled moments that define us.

each person is so different, and that's what makes photography so interesting to me. 


     avel's motivation is to live life to its fullest - documenting each adventure and beautiful spirit he meets along the way. He doesn’t discriminate against any form of adventure, and has tried his hand at flying planes, boating along our coastlines, and driving a motorcycle along the beautiful winding roads of all of the countries he’s visited. He's a Certified Underwater Photographer, and can be found in his element 30 feet under the water with a camera in underwater housing documenting a beautiful subject suspended under the surface. Whatever adventure may call, he will answer it – forming bonds and connections with the fellow adventurers he meets along the way. His daring and human perspectives are a signature of his work.




In concert with Pavel’s photojournalistic style, Jessie takes a more hands-on approach with her clients. Her version of adventure is discovering the unique beauty of each of the couples we photograph, and her ability to relate to our clients and translate their elegance into a purposeful photograph is a testament to her savior faire.

cheers to all you beautiful dreamers - you're the ones that keep my lens happy.


     essie has never met a stranger. As the official "communicator" of our team, she is the point person for all of the conceptualizing and timeline creation. She has an active involvement in the community and loves to bring people together. She has a healthy obsession with beauty in all its forms and has been thrilled to meet and photograph such artists as Christo and Jaume Plensa, and designers Susanne Bartsch, Norma Kamali, and Marc Bouwer. To her, a beautiful personality is just as exciting to photograph as a designer gown, and finding the “truth” of our clients and revealing them in an artistic and authentic way is her ultimate thrill.





We also have an incredible team of Apprentices and Associates. To learn more about our photographic collaborative, click the link below.



Koko is an American Eskimo. Her namesake is Koko the Gorilla (the brilliant quasi-human who knew sign language and played with Robin Williams) not Coco Chanel, no matter how girly she looks. Her hobbies include snuggling and running along the Riverwalk in Downtown Tampa on beautiful autumn days. If she answers the phone, please let me know because that means she's learned a new trick and definitely deserves a Good Girl treat.