" a mother is always the beginning. she is how things begin."

- Amy Tan



A maternity photo shoot always feels a bit “sacred.” Everyone is different with their approach to motherhood, but even the most down-to-earth of moms still seem to have a bit of reverence going into a maternity shoot. It’s a beautiful energy that needs to be celebrated and crafted delicately into a photo that expresses the mother’s intentions, and that’s what makes maternity sessions so special to us.

        eciding on the style for your maternity session is a deeply personal one. A “lifestyle” shoot is done in your home surrounded by the things that will remind you of your “daily life” as it is. It’s a beautifully warm and sincere look into your specific journey through pregnancy. On the other hand, an outdoor or studio setting captures a more romanticized look for your photos. It allows you - or you and your partner - to create a scene that’s representative of the things you find beautiful or representative of your relationship. Here are some of our most frequent location requests:


1. Underwater 

2. Beach

3. Park or Gardens

4. Home

5. Studio Backdrop


getting ready for your

Pregnancy is often one of the most intense times in a mother’s life, so if given the opportunity to pamper yourself: TAKE it! We love it when our mom-to-be’s come to their shoot straight from a luxurious hair and makeup appointment. So our biggest recommendation for your session is to schedule it on a day that you can just put your feet up and allow yourself to celebrate this journey and feel the love. 

quick tips

to help you prepare

1. Plan your session between weeks 30 - 32 

2. Choose clothes that show off your bump

3. Choose a location that's personal to you

4. Keep hair & makeup as natural as possible

5. Get a good night's rest the night before

6. Have fun! This session is for you. Enjoy it.




The lifestyle maternity session was such an awesome experience that allowed us to capture our true family dynamic before the arrival our little boy. We wanted to switch things up from the maternity shoot from our first pregnancy where we did the whimsical shoot in the field with the flowy dress and flower crown. The end result was everything we could’ve hoped for. They captured pictures of us throughout our house doing everyday things together like playing in the playroom and baking cookies – a whim idea from Jessie that couldn’t have been more magical. 

- ashley smoot

Being able to look back at pictures of my daughter and husband loving on my bump while relaxing in our home is something I will treasure forever.