" sink beneath the surface and you are free."

- Jacques-Yves Cousteau



Pavel was visiting from the Europe and taking scuba diving lessons when he first met Jessie. Their relationship was built on dive trips, learning to trust one another, and exploring the incredible world under the surface of the ocean. Pavel became a Certified Underwater Photographer and Dive Master, and because of their mutual passion, they decided to add underwater photography as one of their photo services.

           orking in tandem, Pavel + Jessie have purposefully arranged an underwater choreography that makes sure that your underwater session is an amazing one.

Jessie focuses on directing the client to make sure they look elegant underwater, while Pavel captures the perfectly posed moments with his professional underwater setup. Jessie is also responsible for client safety, and circles nearby prepared to assist if it is ever necessary. 

Underwater photography is incredibly complicated as there are so many forces involved. Unless you are professionally trained for working underwater, finding your balance and comfort under the water can take some time. Because of this, we recommend being prepared for the session to take several hours to allow you to ease into the shoot, and to also allow yourself to rest between takes. 

The final result is a stunning, ethereal piece of art that is worth every ounce of effort extended. We all feel such a deep connection to the water that an underwater session can be appropriate for any kind of session; maternity, engagement, portrait, and more. We look forward to working with you to create a concept that is absolutely stunning. 




getting ready for your

The biggest consideration for our clients is their wardrobe. We recommend wearing an outfit made from lightweight fabric that will fan out and not weigh you down. We also recommend spending time in a pool prior to your session getting used to opening your eyes underwater and practice holding your breath. Most importantly, let yourself get comfortable, and understand that a shoot of this nature requires a bit of patience.

quick tips

to help you prepare

1. Plan your session to last 3 - 4 hours. 

2. Choose clothes that are lightweight and flowy

3. Remember to relax your face

4. Consider using props to make the image surreal

5. Bring drops in case the water irritates your eyes 

6. Stay calm so you can hold your breath longer.



A magical underwater photo emerges only when creativity, persistence, knowledge, equipment and a little luck are present at exactly the same time. Jessie and Pavel will bring all these elements (including the luck) to your underwater photo shoot along with patience and a sense of humor that will put you at ease. We patiently worked around Florida thunderstorms because safety is key. We worked through the buoyancy issues which are exacerbated when you pregnant. We laughed as we worked on making sure the fabric was positioned properly. 

- nicole kibert

And, in the end, my magical maternity photos emerged just as imagined in my mind’s eye. Thank you Jessie & Pavel!