A New Dawn for Weddings

One year ago on March 24th was the last time I blogged a wedding. February 18th was the last time I shared photos from a wedding on Instagram. With one tearful phone call after another from a bride rescheduling her wedding, I knew that acting like everything was “business as usual” and attempting to keep up a social media presence wasn’t going to work for me.

We kept working, though. Quietly documenting intensely emotional “mini weddings” and elopements. Celebrating with our couples that were able to bring their “bubble” together safely, but feeling heartache for our couples we were too far apart from their loved ones to be able to.

Spring 2020 weddings rescheduled to fall, and then fall AND spring weddings rescheduled to spring 2021… and then a majority of those rescheduled to fall 2021. 

With each change, each couple and their wedding coordinators needed to do all of the work all over again. All while still feeling that dread of uncertainty. 

But for the first time, we’re seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. With vaccinations becoming more widely available, there’s hope that travel restrictions will be lifted and attendance caps will become a distant memory. 

We shot our first wedding of the year this weekend, and it was so symbolic. 

“Spring Weddings” this year mean something more than just cool temps and beautiful flowers. “Spring Weddings” THIS year means hope. 


Breathing new life into our industry and into our amazing couples who have been waiting in limbo.

It felt absolutely amazing to photograph the wedding of Allie + Steve at the Powel Crosley Estate Mansion in Sarasota this weekend. 

I was so thrilled looking through the photos to find that my husband captured this shot of me while photographing the couple’s portraits. In this moment I felt whole again. 

Because as much as I love all types of photography, weddings just have my whole heart. Celebrating love? Exploring the roller coasters of emotion? Documenting the wide range of personalities? Running to capture the action as it’s unfolding? Weddings have every single thing that make our photographic souls giddy with excitement.

So, this is in a way my “coming back” post. Even though we never left, for the first time I feel like celebrating a future that’s looking more and more filled with possibility. Cheers to every single one of our clients who have been on this journey, and to every single future client who is finally feeling confident enough to begin their planning process.

Let’s DO this!





      hey say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I do my best to let the photos speak for themselves. Unfortunately, I also get really excited about our clients - so sometimes the photos inspires me to write a thousand words. And all of that is exacerbated by coffee, which means if you came to the blog just to see pretty photos, I'm very sorry but you'll have to scroll past my ramblings first.

I'm much quieter when I'm working. I swear.