Bridal Shower | Haven, Tampa

Well, this isn’t exactly how I was planning start our blog on our new site, but the universe doesn’t really care about our plans, now, does it?  

Our previous website iteration was lost in December – along with all of the pretty content that went along with it. But there is something gorgeous about new beginnings, and we are thrilled to present this new version to the world.

But, coinciding with the launch of our new website, our wedding world has been hit with the uncertainty of a pandemic causing fear and cancelations around the globe. While we’re taking our role to not spread anything seriously, we’re also continually amazed and grateful to the vendor community that is still keeping our “wedding world” spinning and pretty.

A wonderful example of this is from today’s Bridal Shower produced by Amber Veatch Designs. She created absolute perfection all while HER work world was topsy turvy – with the help of her “rockstar vendors” that came together to support her and the bride to fulfill their vision.



      hey say a picture is worth a thousand words, so I do my best to let the photos speak for themselves. Unfortunately, I also get really excited about our clients - so sometimes the photos inspires me to write a thousand words. And all of that is exacerbated by coffee, which means if you came to the blog just to see pretty photos, I'm very sorry but you'll have to scroll past my ramblings first.

I'm much quieter when I'm working. I swear.