Caitlin + Frank | Junior League of Lakeland Wedding

Caitlin + Frank’s wedding was our last wedding before the COVID-19 shutdown…

It was eerie driving over to this wedding. The streets were empty. People were avoiding each other. We knew that the wedding would be smaller than we had anticipated because so many close friends and family weren’t able to make it.

But as soon as we arrived, any worries about the couple being stressed or sad melted away. These two. I mean… where do I start.

First of all, they’re both doctors. She’s a doctor of medicine, and he is a doctor of theatre. They *seem* as opposite as you can get. She’s super quiet and reserved, and he’s exactly as you expect a doctor of theatre would be. But the SECOND you put them together? It’s fireworks. They laugh and giggle non. freaking. stop. It’s honestly amazing.

There were some solemn moments to the day, but for the most part they made the very best of it. We did an “elbow bump” bridal party photo instead of a group hug. They had friends watching and participating over the phone. One of the groomsmen that couldn’t make it because of travel restrictions kept sending over selfies through the day of him doing normal everyday things – grocery shopping, etc – all while wearing his tuxedo. Little moments of hilarity in what felt like could’ve been a black cloud of anxiety.

It was a perfect day.

Here’s what the couple themselves had to say about it….

Q: What was your favorite part of your day?

A: Frank’s favorite part of the day was watching friends and family enjoy themselves. Caitlin’s favorite part was the ceremony with Frank and having her brother Trevor officiate.

Q: Do you have any advice for other couples getting married?

A: We would advise other people to avoid getting married during a pandemic (just kidding!). We would actually advise other people that even though what happens on the wedding day may be very different from what they’ve planned or envisioned that they should just enjoy the day and have fun with their friends and family.


Wedding Planner // Chantilly Chic

DJ // Graingertainment

Catering // MOJO Federal Swine and Spirits

Rentals // A Chair Affair

Hair // Robin from KyleLynn Weddings



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