To achieve great things, two things are needed:
a plan and not quite enough time.

- Leonard Bernstein



Organizations and their planners put so much thought and detail into their event productions. We honor their purposeful intentions by documenting those details in addition to the beautiful moments of emotion throughout the evening which are what these events are all about - getting people to relate or connect with your organization in a special way. We're thrilled to document those moments for you.

We absolutely adore our charity clients and their yearly events. From their galas to outdoor team-building events to holiday events, there is always something wonderful to document. 

Each type of event brings its own particular challenges and beauty, and we love trying to find the soul and truth in each. There are the important elements that we make sure to cover - for example a photograph of the organizational leaders, and the room shots - but there are always little moments of pure joy or reflection at each of these these events that we actively search out to document. 


"no one has ever
become poor by giving."

- anne frank


Tampa has been our home for 20+ years, and our community has become a family to us. We love partnering with the City of Tampa, Downtown Tampa Partnership, Friends of the Riverwalk, and Tampa Bay Chamber to document some incredible and vibrant community events.

Documenting people coming together to celebrate holidays, sporting events, grand openings and more has given us an incredible insight into the inner-workings of a healthy and diverse community. There is so much beauty in observing the simple act of celebrating in unison. It's one of the best "perks of the job."


" your values are influenced by
your family and your community."



Bizarre. Provocative. Inspiring. We have been thrilled to document some of the most visually stimulating social and haute couture events in the Tampa Bay area and beyond.

Working with an artist of any medium - whether it's a fashion designer or a chef - is always a visual gift to us. We work hard to honor their artistic intentions as faithfully as we can, and are sure to capture photographs of all of the VIP's in attendance. 

" simplicity is the ultimate

- Leonardo Da Vinci



fashion &

The yearly holiday party is the signature event for many businesses. It is a way to bring your leadership team and employees together and remind everyone of why their "in this" with you. You are a team, a family, and splurging on your employees is a special way to let them know that you remember that they are the beating soul of your business. 

December is one of our busiest months and holiday parties fill our weekday evenings, so book early if you want to make sure we can document your event. Whatever your plan - whether something traditional or inventive - we're so excited to document the event for you. 


"the only way to do great work
is to love what you do."

- Steve Jobs




Looking at behind-the-scenes photos from the West Wing has always been incredibly inspiring to us. The weight of responsibility on the shoulders of the people in charge - coupled with their need to maintain a healthy sense of humor and diplomacy - create an atmosphere that's compelling to photograph. 

Bringing that to the local level, we've be thrilled to document the behind-the-scenes for Mayoral races, ribbon cuttings, and legendary community events. It's very quickly become one of our absolute favorite types of events to cover.

" politics is the art of
controlling your environment."