" when you take a photograph of someone, 
you take a portrait of their soul."



Taking someone's portrait is a unique honor - a glimpse into the person's life, priorities and ideals. They're trusting you with the interpretation of their personality, and allowing you the opportunity to capture their most honest expressions of themselves to share with the world. It's an opportunity we take seriously.

          efore we even begin your portrait shoot, our main priorities will be to find out what the purpose of your photographs will be. So often portraits are being taken for more than just a profile photo - they are an important element for personal and business branding, and should have a cohesive look and feel to your other branding elements.

To help us learn your style, answer these questions....


1. Who is your target audience

2. Where will you be showing these photos

3. In which format will your photos look best

4. Should you do a studio or natural backdrop


getting ready for your

The day of a photoshoot is often a whirlwind of nerves and last-minute preparation. Because of this, it's always a huge relief for our clients to have a plan laid out in advance for their wardrobe, props, jewelry, and hair and makeup. Each element says something about your personal style and personality, so give yourself plenty of time to plan.

quick tips

1. Think about your backdrop as you plan 

2. Choose clothes that don't compete for attention

3. Avoid clothes with small lines on them

4. Keep hair & makeup as natural as possible

to help you preparE

5. Get a good night's rest the night before

6. Have fun! This session is for you. Enjoy it.