Being sexy is all about attitude, not body type.
It's a state of mind.




A boudoir session can be a transformative experience, and we're honored to play some small part in showing our clients how gorgeous and empowered they can be. The healthiest relationships (with either your partner or yourself) incorporate as many beautiful moments of body-positivity as possible. Life is short, enjoy every second of excitement that you can.

Planning your wardrobe can seem an overwhelming task, so start planning early, including what props and pieces of jewelry you’d want for each outfit. Each outfit change during your session takes about 10 minutes, so we recommend keeping your outfit changes to a minimum. A two-outfit maximum is recommended for our 1/2 hour shoots, and a three-outfit maximum is recommended for our full hour shoots.

So, now that you know how many outfits to chose, how do you decide? We recommend choosing outfits that make you FEEL sexy, not just LOOK it. Confidence matters - it will show in the photos. 


Bring a backup if you plan to wear stockings so that a rip won’t ruin your outfit.

"i feel sexy in my jeans and wearing my boyfriend's t-shirt."


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a word about

Sometimes it’s just nice to have a prop to hold onto - especially if you’re looking for something to take your mind off of your nerves. Props during boudoir sessions are a totally personal decision, but if you’d like to bring something with you then we’ll be sure to incorporate it! Ideas for props include flowers, fascinators, a lace mask, silk ribbons, a long pearl necklace, a champagne bottle, etc. 

We're often asked how sexy you’re allowed to be in a boudoir shoot. The sessions we’ve done have ranged from slightly conservative / mostly covered to totally liberated / fully nude.

We're not there to judge, we're there to figure out how to make an awesome person (or couple) look amazing in photos that they’ve always wanted to take of themselves but never could.  It’s an art that we take seriously, and we're respectful of your personal style and comfort level.

what's sexy?

Tell us in advance if there are any special considerations you’d like us to know about so that we're prepared and ready to make you feel fully comfortable in your session.

"sex is a part of nature, and i
go along with nature."


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getting ready for your

On the day of your shoot, try to keep your day stress-free and listen to some awesome music to get yourself into the right mental state. Use clear deodorant and try to wear clothing that is non-restrictive and won’t leave marks when you take them off. Eat something light but filling before you leave your house, and arrive with a clean, moisturized face and clean, dry hair. Take a deep breath and relax. This shoot is a celebration of YOU. Enjoy yourself.

We recommend getting your hair and makeup done by the amazing LDM Beauty Group. You should arrive to the shooting location at least 1.5 hours before your session start time in order to get your hair and makeup done and relax for a bit.

After the shoot, your fully edited and retouched images will be delivered to you within 2 weeks of your session via an online digital download. We upload your images to a private, password protected web gallery and send you that link. The link includes a download feature which allows you to download your images directly to your computer. 

every last detail

In the days leading up to your shoot, drink plenty of water so that your skin has a healthy glow.

"let us step into the night and pursue
that flighty temptress: adventure."


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